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Knowing where your funds are used can often be a concern for anyone choosing to support an NGO. As we want to remain as transparent as possible below are some direct sponorship options that you can choose to help us cover our ongoing expenses.

Whether it is helping by paying for some of our monthly online subscriptions to MARINE TRAFFIC, enabling us to track and monitor fishing fleets or cargo shipments in our wildlife crime investigations or to help get our message translated with Weglot to multiple languages so our information can reach more people to affect change.

Within Hong Kong, we use our small boat to get out on the water for regular patrols to monitor IUU fishing, assist with monitoring our resident Chinese White dolphins and Finless Porpoise populations or to be able to reach beach locations only accessible from the sea, our small boat whilst efficient doesn’t run on sunlight, and our fuel bills mount up. A regular days fuel costs approx USD$100/day so every bit of help we can get is greatly appreciated and helps us give ‘BANG FOR YOUR BUCK’.

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