Welcome to our resources page. Here you will find our research papers, videos of our talks as well as useful downloadable infographics. We will be constantly adding to this section so be sure to check back from time to time.

Research Papers & Investigations


Videos of talks given at various events on all manner of ocean conservation issues as well as footage we have filmed around the region.

Our oceans will be flooded with an estimated 1.56 billion face masks in 2020 says a report released today by Hong-Kong-based marine conservation organization OceansAsia.

Recent visit to the Soko Island on November 26, 2020 where in just one hour we collected 54 masks on the 100m stretch of beach.

Talk given at Hong Kong Green Drinks in 2019 on illegal fishing within Hong Kong and how OceansAsia are tackling the problem.

Invited to speak at the Veggieworld Vegan Festival in Hong Kong where we discussed the fate of our oceans and how what we choose to eat has a direct impact on them.

Video to support our report (above) on the Finless Porpoise situation in Hong Kong and what we proposed to the Hong Kong Government.

Baby steps. A newborn Chinese White Dolphin that we named “Ripple” was filmed by our drone off of Fan Lau in June 2020. This was allegedly the first footage of a baby suckling from its mother in Hong Kong waters.