Videos of talks given at various events on all manner of ocean conservation issues as well as footage we have filmed around the region.

Probably the last of our large scale Ghostnet Missions for the year as the water starts to get cooler. We seemed to have saved the biggest net to the end (not intentional). How many tons have we hauled out this year? In excess of 10 tons we believe. How many lives saved? Too many to count if these nets had stayed in the water doing what they were designed to do, kill marine life.

Our Director of Research, Teale Phelps Bondaroff gives a talk online to the Bristol Climate Action group on IUU fishing.

Presenting at the East Asian Sea Congress 2021 on November 9th, 2021. Gary’s brief presentation was relating to our current project to illustrate the major contribution the fishing industry is having to our marine debris crisis.

Short video message of actual masks collected from a beach. We need to stop our single use plastic addiction.

Gary Stokes presenting our work on Finless Porpoises in Hong Kong to the Scientific Committee of the IWC (International Whaling Commission.

We visited the Soko Islands where we first found the masks washing ashore and raised the alarm to the world. Our findings at the exact same time, same beach and same weather conditions found a huge increase in masks we found.

Dr Teale Phelps Bondaroff speaking at the Symposium on Neglected Groups in Wildlife Trade, January 15, 2021.  Hosted by the Laboratory for Integrative Biodiversity Research, LUOMUS, University of Helsinki.

Our oceans will be flooded with an estimated 1.56 billion face masks in 2020 says a report released today by Hong-Kong-based marine conservation organization OceansAsia.

Talk given at Hong Kong Green Drinks in 2019 on illegal fishing within Hong Kong and how OceansAsia are tackling the problem.

Showcasing our IUU Patrols in the south western waters of Hong Kong which have led to a dramatic downturn in illegal fishing activity.

The team returned to the Soko Islands in Nov 2020 and found masks enmasse along the shoreline.

Invited to speak at the Veggieworld Vegan Festival in Hong Kong where we discussed the fate of our oceans and how what we choose to eat has a direct impact on them.

Video to support our report (above) on the Finless Porpoise situation in Hong Kong and what we proposed to the Hong Kong Government.

Baby steps. A newborn Chinese White Dolphin that we named “Ripple” was filmed by our drone off of Fan Lau in June 2020. This was allegedly the first footage of a baby suckling from its mother in Hong Kong waters.

From the vaults…. Footage from Mirissa, Sri Lanka in 2009 which was the first footage to shine light onto the plight of the rays and their use in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). In the years to follow campaigns began which resulted in a victory at CITES in 2013 for Manta and 2016 for Mobula rays, all of which are now restricted for trade under the CITES 2 Appendices.