Ghostnet Recovery - South Lantau, Hong Kong

Volunteers sorting through recovered nets to cut out any remaining live crabs
On Sunday Nov 10th, a team of volunteers joined us to head to the Chi Ma Wan peninsula to recover abandoned fishing gear from the rocky shorelines at low tide. Several years before we removed 4tons of abandoned gear from this same stretch of coastline. With just 18 volunteers we managed to recover approximately 500kg of assorted nets from the rocks. Within the nets were lots of live crabs, trapped where they would have faced certain death as well as countless fish both dead and alive. These were all safely released back into the environment.
‘Ghostnets’ as they are known are abandoned fishing nets that continue to kill long after they were abandoned trapping all forms of marine life. The waters of Hong Kong are covered with these silent killers that are either dumped by fishermen after becoming damaged, or abandoned after being snagged on rocks. Most are mono-filament nets that are relatively in-expensive therefore easy to abandoned without to much expense to the fishermen. In these waters are Chinese White Dolphins, Finless Porpoise, Green Turtles as well as all fish and crustaceans.
This operation was funded by a generous sponsorship from the Suntrekker running event.
Volunteers sorting through recovered nets to cut out any remaining live crabs
Assorted nets found inter-twined, clearly dumped by fishermen in a bundle. Photo: Chau Kei
Young and old pitching in to remove these nets from the environment. Here ferrying to Amberjack to be taken away.
Another boat full of nets being transported to safety where they will no longer kill wildlife indiscrimently